The Roanoke River Valley runs along the northern border of North Carolina and embodies a history and culture as varied as it’s landscape. The area holds countless stories – of struggle and triumph, enduring and caring.

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Searching for Spectral

Stephen Barcelo conducts ghost tours and paranormal investigations in Littleton, N.C.

Lure of Life

“One of these days I’ll get to where I can’t go fishing. I know that. If something like that would happen to me, it’d be…real overbearing.”


Ruth Morgan has dedicated her life to theatre, performing on stage, creating costumes, and managing productions at Littleton’s Lakeland Theatre.

The Fire Inside

A struggling man sets out to find purpose in his life by becoming a firefighter at the age of 50.

Fighting Spirit

Kenny Buffaloe is sensei of Kyokushin Karate, a style that uses full-contact fighting. His best student is his son, Christian Buffaloe, who is a rising star in the style.

Settling into Tillery

Haywood Harrell was drawn to the Tillery Settlement where he began a farm with his son and brother.

A Picture of Dignity

Paul Lee can’t go to a gas station in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, without turning heads. The reason why is both simple and sublime.

Loving Refuge

Kim Taresco serves her community by providing a safe environment for disadvantaged youth to learn and grow.

Adopted Mission

When Quintielie Thomas adopted a 13-year-old daughter in March of 2015, her life changed forever.

Big Air

Adam Fields, world champion wakeboarder, inherited his love for water sports from his parents.

Blessed Catch

With love, God, and the Littleton community, Kate Hamm turned the worst part of her life into the best.

Shop Talk

Quincy Lynch started barbering at an early age, today he owns a barber shop on highway 58 just outside of Roanoke Rapids​. This space serves the community in more ways than a typical barbershop.

Founded in Family

The Allens have been running the same restaurant in Roanoke Rapids for over 60 years. Through good times and bad, their love for each other has sustained the business and the family.

Musical Attachment

In 2011, Katie Ammann opened the music school of Roanoke Rapids. She has devoted herself to rejuvenating this old town by building community around music.

Everybody Is Somebody

Joe Tabron has been a florist to help his community for over 40 years in Littleton, N.C.