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Jack of All Trades

Danny Mason has been referred to as a local living legend in Chapel Hill. He is the consummate jack-of-all-trades, working as the house drummer at a bar, as a front man for a band, and as an artist working with mosaic tiles. Mason, for the past few years, has also lived without a home. He is now staying with a friend and trying to make ends meet with the tile business as well as performing as much music as he can. He does not read or write, so every time he sings the lyrics are spontaneous. "I have been called a local living legend," he said. "That's a lot to live up to."


  • Mason works making mosaic tiles.
  • His work can be seen at the Mediterranean Deli.
  • He cannot read or write.
  • He knows just about everyone in Chapel Hill.
  • He works at Mansion 462.


Note: Because Danny Mason cannot read or write these lyrics vary with each recording or performance

Seated in the window of the world

Showing everybody that I was lost in my thought
I see you, I feel you,
But your flesh has never been revealed
So I live inside my mind, thinking about the time,
How could I find a place where you would be
But I can’t because I can’t even see
The type of person of the flesh that hold thee
Living my life the one I want to be my wife,
The one I want to make I want to make passionate love to
So I sit here in my window
Looking inside my mind about a thousand times
To imagine that you really exist
But I have to stay in check with myself
And know myself
Before I give myself
To anybody, anybody else
So I sit here, afraid of the dark,
Afraid of the light,
But I am afraid you will never be in my sight
So I try and concentrate
How to keep my straight face
Sitting in the window of the world
I need to find a girl to love
Why is it so hard to be where you are?
So why can’t I find peace?
Because I want to be in love with someone
Who gonna hold me in times of trials and tribulations
They understand that I am their man
When you sit inside with love in your eyes
With tears in her eyes, I’m terrified
Well I can be too cold
I would be afraid to let you go

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