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After a series of layoffs over the past 18 months, Aaron Turney decided to leave the corporate world and launch his own handmade purse business with his wife Tracy, Redhanded Bags. Together, Aaron and Tracy have built their business from the ground up, starting with building a sewing studio in their backyard. Redhanded Bags is committed to using environmentally friendly; US made products despite the higher costs. Although the couple works nearly 70 hours a week, the Turney's feel that ultimately their life is better because they get to focus on what is important to them, their family.

Redhanded Bags’ Mission Statement

Redhanded Bags ownership is committed to 4 basic principles:

  1. Not supporting slave-labor or child-labor economies-- our true wish is that all governments would foster working environments that both require and enforce the ethical treatment of all workers and the abolition of child labor. Since this is unfortunately not the case, we buy 100% of our materials from manufacturers in the USA, the EU, Canada, or other constitutionally upright and respectable economies. To be sure, nations that either sanction or turn a blind eye to any human rights violations are off of our list. We want children in school, not at work, and we are determined to help put slave drivers out of business forever.
  2. Practicing environmental responsibility--Redhanded Bags are made with eco-friendly materials. Our faux leathers are non-PVC, VOC-free, and are more quickly biodegradable compounds of polyurethane, cotton, and cellulose. Our linings are organic cottons, hemps, bamboo, or made from recycled material; that means minimal water waste and zero pesticide fallout. In addition, all of our scraps go to our local Scrap Exchange rather than the local landfill.
  3. Producing vegan/animal-friendly products--we believe that the raising of animals for hide or fur is unnecessary given the wide range of organic or artificial materials that are cleaner and often indiscernible from the real thing. Animals used for these purposes are usually raised in tragic conditions to the increased profit of unethical corporate decision makers.
  4. Community service and involvement--at Redhanded, we truly think globally and act locally. Our desire is to support our local economy as best we can. Our objective is to extend fair pay and benefits to all our employees as we grow. In addition, 1% of our proceeds go to

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