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My Homeless Children

The soup kitchen Mary Judd founded in 1996 should not still be running But because of a combination of faith and resilience, it is. "I don't really understand how this ministry can keep going with nothing," said Judd, the 71-year-old founder and director of God's Helpers of Raleigh. "But it does. God always sends somebody with something. If they don't send money, they send something. And it's just been smoothly going." God's Helpers of Raleigh is a non-profit organization that feeds about 150 homeless and hungry people each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In the 13 years of its existence, it has endured its share of conflict. But it may soon have to shut down. As the economy declines, so do the donations upon which the ministry relies. The ministry can no longer depend on consistent funding, says Judd. If it does not see an increase in giving, it will have to close its doors.


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