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About Nuevas Fronteras

Despite precipitous growth rates, Latinos still make up only 7 percent of the state's population. As such, North Carolina Latinos remain more politically marginalized than fellow communities in Florida and Texas, which now command robust, organized voting blocs. Thus it is of little surprise that illegal immigration and enforcement remain hot topics in this state. Immigration reform groups like FAIR have blamed the influx of foreign nationals for such disparate problems as urban sprawl, traffic congestion, poor air quality and substandard housing. On the flip side of the coin, business owners and economists point to the importance of the Latino workforce in the agribusiness and construction industries and the billions of dollars of commerce created by waves of new residents.

The object of this project is not to pick a side on this burning issue. Rather, students aim to tell small, personal stories, which stress the commonality of the human experience.

Nuevas Fronteras is the 2008 installment of the School of Journalism's documentary photojournalism course. Each Spring, students enrolled in the course spend 16 weeks producing a comprehensive multimedia Web site. Aside from honing their skills in new media, students learn how to find their own stories, manage long-term projects and meaningfully connect with participants in order to produce stories that are both intimate and telling.

Thanks to all the families for generously opening up their lives. We hope you enjoy their stories.

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